About Us

Vanguard Custom Software

We are expert FileMaker consultants, and we can help you build the mission-critical applications, services, and workflows you need to run your business.

In fact, when FileMaker needs to train its staff, they send them to us – and they hire us for design consulting, too.

Here’s more of what differentiates us from others . . .

  • Don Levan, our president and lead designer, was hired by Apple Inc. to provide design consulting services on FileMaker features used by developers around the world
  • Members of FileMaker Inc.’s design, product, management, developer relations, sales, system engineering, and internal development teams have attended Don Levan’s Design Studio – as have developers from many of the FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partners

The kinds of businesses that hire us

Companies tap Vanguard Custom Software, when they need their internal systems designed, built, and maintained. Representative clients include YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities, Tekserve, Technicolor Postworks, and Evans Heingtes Architects.

Our ideal clients are growing businesses that have hit a transition point, where they discovered that the tools and processes that worked before are no longer sufficient.  If you have recognized this problem in your own business and are actively searching for solutions, we can help you develop the tools you need to meet your current challenges — and ensure your systems and processes will scale, as you grow.

The services we offer

    • Custom software, system and workflow augmentations
    • Product design
    • Training

Our Founder: Dr. Don Levan, Lead Designer

Founder and president of Vanguard Custom Software, Dr. Don Levan used his deep knowledge of human psychology and social interactions, to construct a proven interactive process to help companies co-create exceptional software and user experiences.

Prior to founding Vanguard Custom Software, Dr. Levan was a clinical psychologist at the YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities. By the end of his first year there, he had designed and developed a clinical documentation and management system for a staff of more than 200 clinicians, treatment coordinators and supervisors, which is still in use 10 years later. After that initial success, Levan went on to create a series of custom applications and websites, to manage his businesses and those of his customers.

A recognized FileMaker expert, Dr. Levan was hired by Apple Inc., to provide consulting to FileMaker on the design of the company’s Starter Solutions and many of the features used by  FileMaker developers worldwide.

In addition to being a sought-after speaker at the FileMaker Developers Conference, PauseOnError conferences, and other software industry events, Dr. Levan has personally trained countless professionals in the software design principles that are the foundation of Vanguard’s proven design process.

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