We will engage you as a design partner and guide you through our formal process

Goal-directed project planning

Our design process begins with an empty page, an expansive list of questions, and in-depth collaboration with you. That’s how we learn about your business processes and understand the goals, roles, reporting needs, and common scenarios faced by the people across your organization.

At the end of this initial phase, we’ll work with you to prioritize and shape the project, so that it fits your schedule and budget. Then you’ll receive a detailed project plan that clearly identifies the requirements for success, costs of implementation, and initial design notes for each proposed feature.


User experience design and agile software development

After we have created the project roadmap, we begin a series of short release cycles. Each release consists of a “Feature Planning Sprint,” and one to three two-week “Development Sprints.” During each “Feature Planning Sprint,” we will define the features to be developed, present you with a series of prototypes, conduct quick usability tests, and then further refine the designs. We finish up by creating technical specifications and giving you a fixed price to develop the features specified.

Once development begins, you will see immediate and ongoing progress. We keep our development cycles short, so that we can be responsive to your business needs.


Hands-on deployment

Our FileMaker-certified developers will work with you to deploy your new software application, in a manner best suited to your business. Though we work hard to ensure that your staff will not require extensive training, we will be there with you during and after we deploy your new software. Our priority is to ensure that your business transition is successful.


Ongoing maintenance and support 

We implicitly understand that no project is ever truly complete, because business needs continually change and adapt to new regulations, business rules, workflows, and challenges. To keep everything in your organization humming along, our professional staff is always available to provide post-launch support.